Jagapathi Babu Opens Up on Affair With Soundarya


Jagapathi-Babu-significant-During his prime, Jagapathi Babu’s name was linked with many heroines but his affair with late actress Soundarya was the most talked about. He didn’t even condemn those rumors then. Now, out of the blue, Babu has confessed about having an affair with the most loved actress by Telugu movie lovers.

Jagapathi Babu said that people wouldn’t believe even if he said that he had no off-screen relation with Soundarya. He however said that affair doesn’t necessarily mean ‘Sexual’.

‘Only perverts think like that,’ he disdainfully said.

‘People have a certain perception when it comes to actresses but Soundarya was way different from others. She was a good friend of mine and we shared a very close bonding but that was misunderstood by people and media. When people said I was having an affair with Soundarya, I wasn’t upset and instead I took it as ‘compliment’, he added.

JB’s out of the context revelations about his affair with Soundarya surely surprised everyone.