Jagapathi Babu Opens on Soundarya Affair!


Jagapathi-Babu-Opens-on-SouThe name Jagapathi Babu rings loud when it comes to the romantic link-ups we hear in film nagar with his lead heroines. Talking straight about all of them, the handsome veteran hero has opened up about his liking for women. Also he took time to explain what is with Soundarya for real.

‘I like working women, which doesn’t mean I sleep with all of them. I value them for their independent thinking, and boldness. I can’t get nothing moving close with a boy, I love doing friendships with women’, stresses Jagapathi, clearing it in one shot that he loves friendship with the opposite sex.

‘One day I went to railway station to receive someone else. But suddenly I saw Soundarya getting down from a compartment. I waved to her, said hello, thrown a hug and then I’m on my way. but people extended the story that I took her to a room from the railway station’, said Jagapathi Babu, adding how link-up rumours between him and late heroine Soundarya erupted.

‘It’s not that if I hug a girl, I’ll go and sleep with her. Society should change the way it looks at woman-man friendship’, avers Jagapathi Babu. Surely, the senior hero has given clarity that he is not a play-boy but just a good friend for his heroines. Jagapathi turned to villainy now, and he will be seen as Balayya’s protagonist in upcoming ‘Legend’.