Jai Ho .. A.R. Rehman!


AR-RahmanIf you start writing the list of legends of music from India, then A.R. Rehman will be among the top ten at least, if not the top five. He made us all proud with his music and he achieved the heights of success like no one ever in his life. He is the first Indian to win Oscars and he won two of them on same night and made us proud forever. He is an International composer and his music has crossed over to many countries.

Still, he is having to face some unnecessary humiliation from Indians. At least, Indians who have settled abroad. Well, in a crazy turn of events, few Hindi speakers walked out of A.R. Rehman’s concert held at London and they started abusing him on twitter for singing more Tamil songs than Hindi. He got trolled for that but he did not react to that at all.

He simply said at IIFA, ” I am thankful to all those who supported me all these years. Without you I could not have achieved all the success I do today!” But music lovers right from Lata Mangeshkar have slammed the naysayers. Chinmay Sripada on twitter sarcastically commented the people trolling him and made sure they remember that Rehman is an oscar winner and the concert actually was named Netru – Indru – Nallai! In a Tamil titled concert, did those people expect Hindi songs?? What were they thinking?