Jai Simha Melody With Balayya Class


Nandamuri Balakrishna is undoubtedly one of the greatest mass heroes in Telugu movie industry. Balakrishna always keeps the mass audiences and fans in mind while he accepts a movie. He makes sure that there are fights and mass songs in required Quotient. The melodies in his movies also come up with an additional mass appeal. The actor is currently busy with the shooting of the movie Jai Simha.

The teaser, trailer and other promotional materials indicate that the movie is an out and out mass masala movie. Going by the tone of the movie, one definitely gets a feeling that the film offers no scope for class melodies in the audio album but the makers shocked everyone in this aspect.

The makers released the promo of a song named “Priyan Jagame Aanandamayam” which is from the movie. When one listens to it individually, they will surely never expect that it would be placed in a movie like Jai Simha.

The song is soothing with pleasant vocals. The visuals also look classy. Balakrishna’s steps for the song were also choreographed nicely in a different manner. This has become a sensation in the social media now! The common audiences are Surprised to see such a cool melody in a mass movie.

Chiranthan Bhatt is the music director for this album and he earlier scored for Balayya’s GPSK. Bhatt impressed big time with GPSK. Many expressed doubts about the selection of Bhatt for this movie Jai Simha but the music director did a decent job by coming up with impressive audio album. We have to wait few days to witness his BGM.

The movie is scheduled for a grand release on 12th January.