Jakkanna Magic With Graphics Again


Story and screenplay are gripping in Rajamouli films and he also makes sure that the movie has wonderful graphics. Rajamouli never settles with the average quality visual effects but he goes for top-class visual effects to give a visual feast to the audience. That is the reason why his films are immensely liked by the other language audience as well.

Rajamouli achieved global recognition and huge applause with ‘Baahubali-2’ and he is getting ready for another big-ticket film. It is a multistarrer in the combination of Ram Charan-NTR. Rajamouli and his team started pre-production of this film already. Rajamouli initially planned to make the film without any graphics but he seems to have changed his mind later. He has reportedly decided to include graphics to suit the high budget film.

The talk is that he is reportedly allotted Rs.50 crore budget for only visual effects in the film. We know that a huge commercial film can be made in this budget. But filmmakers got ready to invest huge on the visual effects to thrill the audience with high octane action scenes. So, get ready for another visual wonder from the master storyteller Jakkanna.