Janhvi Kapoor Turns Receptionist


These days, Film Celebs have been bonding mostly in gyms as that’s where they spend most time if they weren’t shooting. Most of the leading Bollywood Actresses can be seen hitting the gym owned by a particular fitness expert at a particular point of time. That’s how Katrina Kaif who has been in the Industry for more than a decade and Janhvi Kapoor who makes her debut with ‘Sairaat’ Hindi remake have become buddies.

Katrina Kaif shared a photograph of Janhvi Kapoor on her Instagram page with the message, ‘Gym has a very pretty new receptionist in Janhvi’.

Janhvi Kapoor might have attended the phone call at the reception counter and she might be using the landline to make a call to someone. Soon after spotting her buddy in such manner, Katrina clicked the picture and shared it online. And that’s more than enough to keep Janhvi Kapoor trending!