Jeevitha jailed for 2 years in cheque bounce case


Jeevitha-jailedThe Erramanzil court has on Monday sentenced actor-turned-politician Jeevitha Rajasekhar to a two year jail term in a cheque bounce case.

According to sources, producer of the Telugu movie ‘Evaidaithe Naakenti’ Sekhar Reddy has filed a case against Jeevitha in the Erramanzil court.

Earlier, Jeevitha had given the producer a cheque of Rs. 22 lakhs for obtaining the rights of the film. With the cheque bouncing, the producer approached the court for justice.

The court on Monday ordered a two year jail term and slapped a fine of Rs. 25 lakhs on Jeevitha.

Jeevitha was involved in another cheque bounce case dating from 2012. In that case also a local court had issued a Non-Bailable Warrant (NBW) against Jeevitha, wife of film actor Rajasekhar, in October this year.