Jennifer Lawrence on Her ‘Liberating’ Nvde Scene


Jennifer Lawrence, had one big insecurity about her first ever movie nude scene: giant areolas! The star gets in the buff in the new spy thriller Red Sparrow and her crew tried to make things as comfortable as possible for her. The 27-year-old revealed to Ellen DeGeneres, 60, on March 2 that she had been so cold while shooting the film during a Hungarian winter. The crew thoughtfully brought in heaters at 3am to get the room nice and warm for her so she wouldn’t freeze while being naked in her scene. Well, Jen and all women know what happens to the female body when its toasty and she shouted at her crew, “‘What are you doing with this heat! My nipples are going to be huge!”

Her nudity has been a big topic for Jen as she’s been on the press tour for the film. Sometimes she’s laughed about it while other times she’s been more thoughtful and serious. She told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that “If you love boobs, you’ll love this movie!” She also laughed to Ellen that the real reason she took her clothes off for the film was that, “I think I finally just got hot.”

J-Law then got a little more serious with Ellen, adding ‘To me it was really just an amazing script and story. I loved the character and I just didn’t want to miss out on it because of like my weird insecurities so I did it and it was really lovely.” She was also surrounded by a supportive team as she reunited with Francis Lawrence (no relation) who directed her in three of the four Hunger Games movies. That meant he also assembled most of the same film crew who had worked with Jen on those flicks over the years. While that made for a thoughtful team that tried to make a nice warm room for the naked starlet, it also was kind of weird. She told Vanity Fair, “They all knew me since I was a baby,” and jokingly told them after finishing her scene that “I hope you guys feel creepy.”