Jessica Alba Enters ‘Celebrity Kissing Booth’ On Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jessica-AlbaOh Jessica, you little minx.

Valentine’s Day came early for Jessica Alba fans who shared a smooch with the actress (and a glass pane) on Tuesday night as part of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrity Kissing Booth.”

Enclosed within a glass box, Alba giggled as she found herself on display among a street crowd of what Kimmel’s Cousin Sal called “some of the loneliest perverts in Hollywood.”

I’m feeling hot and bothered, but not in a good way,” Alba joked from inside the box.

With nothing but glass separating the Escape From Planet Earth star from the lucky few chosen, Alba was quick to smooch with two women Kimmel picked from the crowd but began playing it coy when it came time to “lock lips” with Lifa, a South African tourist.

During her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote her the latest animated movie, Alba also told Kimmel about a recent health scare she experienced in the middle of the night.

“My whole arm was numb and then I got cold sensation from the back of my neck up to the front,” she told the late night host. “And then I was like, I think I can’t move my face.”

After a visit to the ER and a CAT scan, Alba discarded the possibility of a stroke. Later an MRI revealed the source of the star’s startling experience was carpal tunnel.

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