Jr. NTR Got Upset With Recent Reports?


Jr-NTR-Big-BossThere will be several reports coming out of Film Nagar regarding the remunerations of top stars in Telugu.  But the news of NTR remuneration appears rarely in the media.  His close associates say that NTR never gives high importance to remuneration.

Even though his movie remuneration news is rare.. small screen debut remuneration has become a hot topic.  There are rumors that NTR has agreed to host Bigg Boss Telugu show for Star Maa channel.. and he is charging Rs. 8-10 crore as remuneration.   NTR reportedly upset with these reports.  NTR has agreed to do the show, that’s true.. but he did not sign any agreements regarding the remuneration.  Even that remuneration is not that high as the figures quoted in the media.

Junior said to be upset as this unnecessary hype will dent his clean image.  NTR usually ready to help the producer whenever they are in troubles.. but the latest rumours depict him as a money minded person. That’s the reason why his close associates are saying that Young Tiger got upset.