Jr NTR Lost 12 Cr In Kick 2?


Jr-NTR-Lost-12-CrHelping his debt-ridden brother Nandamuri Kalyanram, it seems like Jr NTR has a big dent on his pocket. Though this is a quite common thing for people involved in film business, it’s the first time he got into this. That too he has just lent money hoping that his brother will reap profits and return him. But everything went totally out of control.

Literally “Kick 2” pushed Kalyan Ram into more troubles than his decade of flops. When the film was about released in May this year, it ran into 6 crores debts. Then the helping hand has come in the form of young brother Jr NTR who settled that financial issue from his own pocket. Later the film has run into troubles again in August, just before the release. At that time, producer-distributor Dil Raju has given 6 crores to help Kalyan Ram. But there’s a clause. Jr NTR, who was shooting in London with Sukumar, has to fly back to India immediately and sign a movie-deal. So, that 6 crores paid by Dil Raju became the advance payment for NTR and once again. That way, Jr NTR has given 12 crores in total.

What about the returns? No way. “Kick 2” is a disaster of epic proportions. Surender Reddy’s unexpected life-less second half, Raviteja’s disappointing lean look, Vakkantam’s run-of-mill story, Thaman’s unimpressive music and every other factor contributed to its flop show. Jr NTR has lost 12 crores and we can’t expect him to ask his brother to return in back.