Jr NTR’s Investment Plans


Jr-NTRAlmost all the star heroes are earning more than 7+ crores these days and there is no way they could restrain these amounts to stashes of cashes inside a bank account. There will be prosperity when investments are made and Telugu heroes are no less to Bollywood counterpart when it comes to investing money.

Apparently Nagarjuna is the king of investments in Tollywood for the kinds of businesses he owns. Following him is Megastar Chiru who keeps things silent but still there are of income sources for him from the various investments he made. Recently youngsters like Charan and Manchu Vishnu also started following their seniors. Film industry is now buzzing that Jr NTR is having a unique style of investing among his peers. There is this big construction giant based out of Hyderabad and whenever they start a new luxury apartments complex venture, they send invite to Tarak. Our hero is said to have purchased nearly 20+ apartments from them which cost more than 1.5 crore each.

Not just their market value grows in the near future for the kind of ventures they are, also they will be fetching huge rents too. Though we cannot verify the authenticity of this information, sources say it’s true. In future, Junior may emerge as real-estate tycoon.