Jr NTR’s Jai Lava Kusa Story Leaked For Good


Jai Lava Kusa Wallpaper-1It became a common practice these days to mix some authentic elements to rumours and make it an ‘original’ news. That led to much wrong news being spread in the film industry, which also led to some unnecessary issues. Here is one such thing.

Apparently, with some gossip columns writing time and again that Jr NTR’s latest movie is a rip off a Tamil film, the makers of the Tamil film have decided to take a legal action. It’s being said that NTR’s upcoming movie “Jai Lava Kusa” that is being produced by his brother Kalyan Ram is a copy of Ajith’s movie “Varalaru” where the protagonist will be seen in multiple roles. As the producer approached Kalyan Ram before filing a legal complaint, this hero cum producer tackled it in style.

Playing down the plagiarism allegations, Kalyan Ram has made sure that his write will narrate the whole story to Tamil producers and after hearing the story, they felt that it’s a different and new story altogether. While Ajith played the role of two sons and a father in Varalaru, here in Telugu version there is no father role at all being played by Junior. He just plays three characters that are Good, Bad and Ugly.

Rather doing all the hungama in the courts during the time of release, leaking the story for the good will help resolve all the issues in advance. Kalyan Ram did a good thing, isn’t it?