Justin Bieber ‘Attacked’ On Stage (Video)


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“Justin Bieber attacked on stage” read headlines around the world, because we’ve come to the point where a fan skipping up to a pop star constitutes something horrifying.

During the singer’s concert in Dubai, someone rushed on stage and touched Bieber as he played at a grand piano. In rush some equally overzealous security guards who barrel through the intruder and Bieber, flipping the piano while not-so-surgically removing the unwanted individual from the premises.

DID HE SURVIVE? Yes — Bieber finished the song and then returned after a tiny break to croon his way through “Boyfriend” and “Baby.” If this is isn’t a story of triumph in the face of insurmountable odds, what is?

But only if your volume is turned down — otherwise your ears will definitely suffer an actual assault in the form of some of screams by some very concerned female fans.

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