Kajal Agarwal: Apt For Politics!


Kajal-Agarwal-Apt-For-PoliticsKajal Agarwal is extremely suitable for a career in politics for the simple reason that she speaks according to her needs and the situation.

The ‘Magadheera’ actress said that she considers herself to be a South Indian by nature and said that she was born in North India by accident and should have been born in the South.

With such kinds of statements, it wouldn’t be unusual to expect South Indians to become teary-eyed.

But they would be wise to remember that it was this same actress who nearly five years ago, said in an interview, “Please don’t call me South Indian, I’m a Mumbai person.”

That point in time, Kajal was looking to foray into Bollywood and she made the above comment lest she be mistaken for a South Indian actress.

Today, there is no hope for her in Bollywood and she is thriving on South films. Hence, the change of heart! But, double-speak has always been her forte!

She posed topless for a men’s magazine and initially claimed that the photograph was morphed only to accept later that she had indeed posed for the magazine.

In her recent Bollywood film, she did a lip-lock with co-star Randeep Hooda and said the lip-lock was forced on her and that she was unaware of it. Later, she admitted that she was aware of the lip-lock scene in advance.

With such turnarounds to her credit, surely this beautiful actress would be a perfect match to the world of politics.