Kajal Agarwal responds to Fans questions


kajalIn a special interview, Kajal Agarwal answered the questions posed by her fans all over the World. Have a look at few interesting Q&As…

On Marriage Plans: “Many of you have been asking me this question. To put this to rest, not in the near future. When I do decide to get married or when I find the right person to get married, I obviously will do that and I will be the first person to inform you”.

Do you have Spectacles?: “Yes, I do wear glasses ever since I was in 8th standard. My number is -2.5. I wear lenses while I am shooting and try not to exceed the lens wearing time for more than eight hours. I wear glasses when I am not shooting and when there aren’t too many people around me”.

Chances of doing a similar film like Magadheera: “Movies like Magadheera are classics and they are made just once. Seriously, kudos to Rajamouli sir for the courage to make a large-scale movie like it. I think, he is magician who creates magic. If I have to do a film similar to Magadheera, definitely YES if I am offered a strong script on par with it.”

If not actress, what other career you would have chosen?: “I would surely have done my MBA which is still on the agenda. I would have chosen marketing, like advertising and working for a brand”.

Offered to work with sister Nisha Agarwal: “Of course, I would do it. She is everything to me. Both of us would love to do it and jump at the opportunity, if a good script and both of us get performance-oriented roles. We wouldn’t want to overshadow one another”.

When can we expect you on Twitter?: “I am not a techno-savvy person. I can’t really keep updating or struck to my laptop. I do realize the need of Twitter these days. I would probably try to create my account as soon as possible”.