Kajal Agarwal’s New Special Watch


Kajal-Agarwal-New-WatchFans follow their favourite actors without thinking about other things. This happens mostly in our country. That is the reason why most of the brands use celebrities for their publicity. Just for a 1 minute advertisement, the makers pay lakhs to the stars. Sometimes they even offer crores. Heroines earn more amounts in advertisements than the movies.

Beautiful actress Kajal Agarwal wore a new watch on the New Year’s eve. It’s a known fact that the celebrities often prefer the most expensive things. On this note, Kajal shared a picture of her wearing a Rado DiaMaster Diamonds watch on social media and captioned the pic “My new stylish obsession”. The picture is fine. But the shocking factor is the price of the watch. The watch is worth of Rs. 1.75 lakhs. As per the talk, this Nene Raju Nene Mantri beauty takes Rs. 2 crores for each movie. So, Rs. 1.75 lakhs might not be a big amount for her.

But why is Kajal flaunting her expensive watch? Some are claiming that it is her excitement about the watch and some are stating that it might be a promotional stunt of Rado company. However, only Kajal can give clarity on this.