Kajal Aggarwal is enjoying her European sojourn!


kajal-aggarwal-is-enjoying-her-european-sojournKollywood industry sources have stated that Kajal Aggarwal is currently enjoying her European sojourn as she is traversing the snowy locales of Serbia, Macedonia, Poland and other countries around. Guess what, this is more like a working and paid holiday for the svelte siren as she’s there for the shooting of her films.kajal-aggarwal-is-enjoying-her-european-sojourn-1It was added that first, she left to the Siberian territory to shoot for the songs of Ajith’s Vivegam. From there she left to Macedonia, shooting for another song in Skopje city and the valleys around. And then she took her flight to Krakow, Poland with her entourage to join Vijay 61st shooting. kajal-aggarwal-is-enjoying-her-european-sojourn-2

At a time when the likes of Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu are facing severe heat conditions due to scorching sun and temperatures crossing 40 degrees in no time, Kajal cleverly avoided the attack, isn’t it? If she has to shoot for those songs here in Hyderabad or Chennai, definitely the heat would have taken a toll. She avoided both tanning and dehydration. kajal-aggarwal-is-enjoying-her-european-sojourn-3

It was stated that we have to say that the teams of Ajith and Vijay’s upcoming films planned so well that their entire crews will miss hot Indian summer and enjoy the chilling European weather.