Kajal Aggarwal happy to expose and do glam roles!


In recent times, actresses who have crossed 30+ years of age are looking to do only female centric roles. Anushka, Trisha, Nayanthara select scripts accordingly. Even though their glitz and glam have not gone down still they opt to do dignified roles instead of skin showcasing.

But Kajal Aggarwal seems to be an exception. She doesn’t seem to mind her age factor. She is still happy to do sizzling hot glam scenes in wet dresses. But on one condition, only the cameraman and the director should be present at the spot.

She still chooses commercial roles and glam roles. She is still one of the most wants actresses in Tollywood and Bollywood.

In fact in Tollywood, her demand reached a higher level after Khaidi no 1 with the Mega star. Now she is having a bunch of projects in her hand and she is ready to flaunt her sleek body. Kajal-happy-to-expose