Kajal Aggarwal says ‘No’ to that Hero as he grabbed her waist for Real…!


Kajal-Aggarwal-says-No-to-tKajal Aggarwal is back into the numbers game with the stupendous success of ‘Khaidi No 150’. The petite beauty who was down and under with hat—trick of failures has got a new lease of life and now she is the most wanted actress after the huge success!

In this case, a few months back we reported that an actor grabbed Kajal’s waist for real at shooting spot and he created a ruckus. Kajal who is a thorough professional managed to continue the shoot, but as things went out of hand she walked out.

Later, that actor apologized and she continued the shoot and finished the movie. And on a surprising note, Kajal gave call sheet dates once again to the same actor as she was labeled as a ‘Flop’ actress. But now, ‘Khaidi No 150’ changed things around and Kajal walked out of the project immediately.

She returned the advance amount citing silly reasons. The team which planned to start the shoot from month of May were now shocked and they are looking for another suitable female lead role.