Kajal To Launch Vaitla’s ‘Vedik’


Sreenu Vaitla’s wife and costume designer Rupa Vaitla has ventured into the business of organic products. Named as Vaitla’s Vedik, the brand has a nice caption ‘The Vedic Way’. The brand Vedik is registered under Being Organic Products pvt ltd. The Vedik is offering organic cow milk, other products in nicely packaged designer bottles.

It is learnt that Rupa has started the business on her own. She even got Kajal Aggarwal to launch the brand logo online.

Considering that there is a lot of focus on the usage of organic products these days, Rupa said to have started this business. “Not just celebrities, business people, even common people are turning towards organic products to stay healthy. Hence I started this. More details I’ll share shortly,” said Rupa Vaitla.