Kajal Turns Bold For NTR, Prabhas, Pawan, Mahesh


Kajal-Turns-BoldBeautiful Kajal Aggarwal has not only completed 50+ films in her career spanning more than a decade, she acted with almost all the top stars in South.  Unlike other heroines who play it safe when they were asked certain complicated questions, Kajal gave bold answers in Rana’s TV show No.1 Yaari.

When Rana asked her to tell the changes she would like to see in her star colleagues like NTR, Prabhas, Mahesh and Pawan.  Kajal didn’t take much time to come up with answers.  She was bold in giving answers and she didn’t mince her words.  She said NTR should reduce his hyper activeness.. Prabhas needs some energy.  While talking about Mahesh she said that he is a chatter box and he should stop talking at times.  On the contrary, she said that Pawan is silent sometimes so he should start talking.

Considering Kajal’s answers one would get an opinion that  NTR.. Prabhas are completely opposite in nature and the case is same with Mahesh.. Pawan.   Apart from giving her bold answers about the leading stars in Tollywood,  she gave a shock to Rana that she would get irritation if he is ‘so good’ and ‘so nice’  to the people.  She said ‘stop being nice to people’.

On the other hand, Kajal’s bold answers about their favourite stars upset some of the fans and they are expressing their displeasure over Kajal.