Kajal’s Kakinada Tour


Kajal-Kakinada-TourFrom last two days, surprisingly ravishing beauty Kajal Agarwal made couple of appearances in Kakinada town. Thanks for taking up the initiative of spending time with Cancer affected patients. But generally Kajal is far from such events unlike a Samantha who always puts best foot forward for charity.

Like many other Mumbai girls out there who rocking in Telugu and Tamil industries, Kajal is also known for giving top priority to money. Whether it is acting with Chiranjeevi or Rana, opening a shop or attending an audio event, it’s the big pink notes that mattered the most.

That’s why Telugu industry always talks about that ‘commercial’ nature of Kajal whose dates and business are managed by her father. But how did she come forward for this charity event?

Sources tell us that actually, Kajal took part in the inauguration event of a shop in Kakinada and then attended this charity event as well. While she has charged for the inauguration, on the sidelines of it she has graced charity event for free.

Well, if cinema celebrities involve in charity events, then other people also get motivated. Good to see more of star heroines joining the charity brigade.