Kajal’s Ration Card In Tamilnadu


kajal-ration-card-in-TNCHENNAI: Every state government is certainly going to develop a lot of welfare schemes for the people in the state. Like every government, the Tamilnadu government issued ration cards for the people. These ration cards help the poor people and they will be issued only to those who are the below the poverty line. Surprisingly, a pic is trending viral on the social media where a ration card with Kajal Aggarwal is doing rounds and it is creating a lot of questions about Kajal’s status.

Tamilnadu government has recently decided to replace the traditional ration card with the smart card. The people who are eligible have to apply for the same online with their photos. A lot of people followed the procedure and a woman named Saroja was surprised to receive her smart card with Kajal Agarwal’s photo.

The actual reason behind this goof-up was that a wrong photo was taken during the online application process and hence, Kajal’s picture was attached to Saroja’s details. The minister has explained the same and clarified the mistake. Whatever it may be, Kajal Aggarwal must have stunned to see such a ration card.