Kajol’s Sister supports Pre-Marital Sex


Kajol-Sister-supports-Pre-MActress Tanishaa Mukherjee (Kantri fame) supported Pre-Marital Sex during an interactive chat on social networking site Twitter. She expressed the feeling there is nothing wrong in having sex before marriage and it depends on individual choice.

When asked about her former boyfriends Uday Chopra and Armaan Kohli, Tanishaa maintained ex-lovers can’t be friends.

This Hottie finds Siddhrath Malhotra interesting among the young crop of heroes in Bollywood. She says being tall and handsome works for Sid.

Tanishaa failed to attain even 50% of success her Sister Kajol achieved as an actress. Kajol is still able to sign a film (Dilwale) opposite Shahrukh Khan after being in the Industry for so many year. Whereas, Tanishaa has faded out in no time and unable to grab any promising offers.