Kamal’s epic reply to AIADMK Merger


Kamal-HaasanKamal Haasan dubbed the merger of AIADMK Factions as just an attempt to fool the people. He terms the split and reunion of the factions in the Ruling Party as nothing but a drama. ‘Gandhi cap, Saffron cap, Kashmir cap, now a clown cap on the head of Tamilians. Enough? Or do you want more?,’ he asks.

Since the demise of Jayalalithaa, Kamal Haasan began taking potshots at AIADMK Government. Earlier, He advised public to report about corruption directly to the Ministers using the information available on government websites. On the Independence Day, He questioned why political parties haven’t been demanding the resignation of CM Palanisamy despite corruption allegations. He dared to say people need to chose an alternative if parties like AIADMK and DMK fail to achieve a better Tamil Nadu.

Few Tamil Nadu Ministers have already threatened to sue Kamal Haasan for making such hard-hitting statements. Still, The 62-Year-Old continues to speak out what he believes is right.