Kanche is One among 25 Lakh stories


Kanche-is-One-among-25-Lakh“As dictators like Adolf Hitler and Mussolini who have wrongly desired to rule the world initiated the II world war, more than 25 lakh soliders took part to counter them. Kanche is one story among those 25 lakh people involved”, says director Krish.

With “Kanche” getting ready to hit cinemas on October 22nd, this creative director interacted with the media to share lot of stuff. And he clarifies one thing, Kanche is not told to any other star hero. “Kanche is written for Varun Tej and he’s the only hero who has heard the story. He’s the first and final choice for the film. The actor in him will be applauded once the film is out”, the director adds.

Depending on the result of this film, Krish want to make his next movie.