Kanche Still Hot in Market


kancheThe recent release postponement of ‘Kanche’ starring Mega camp hero Varun Tej with critically acclaimed director Krish hasn’t lost the heat in market. In fact, movies with retro feel and based on experimental backdrops like this of second world war backdrop have very less of ingredients to thrill the lower class masses. However, Krish crossed all such barriers with the theatrical trailer raising the expectations so high.

More than Krish, its hero Varun Tej who needs plenty of praises for picking such off beat flick in very early days of career. ‘Kanche’ is said to be a flick high on content with enthralling performances from all lead artists Pragya Jaiswal, Nikitin Dheer. After working in Bollywood for ‘Gabbar Is Back,’ looks like Krish has a reason to handpick Chirantan Bhatt to score the music which is getting superb reports.

Though Krish has to face big films hitting the market in coming days, ‘Kanche’ is obviously an awards winning film but how far Varun Tej can loot the Box Office will be much more interesting. Despite ‘Bruce Lee’ and ‘Akhil’ set for bombastic hitting in next few days, quality audience still discussing on ‘Kanche’ is an ultimate charm for the project itself.