‘Kanche’ Team Would Have Seen Hell


Kanche--Blockboster-posterIrrespective of whatever the content inside a film is, chopping out lip locks, closeup shots of navel of women and removing double entendres was a must when Censor Officer Dhanalakshmi sat in that seat. Had she been there till now, Kanche team would have literally seen stars.

In one particular crucial scene in “Kanche”, a foreign girl was shown complete nude above the waist with her folded hands covering her modesty. Will this seen get a nod for an U/A certificate? Even if that officer is willing to give ‘A’, that scene would have got deleted no matter what. But to allow the authentic power of content to be felt by audience, such scenes should be retained. While Kanche team would have seen hell, in case of earlier officer, now they got it passed without any cuts.

Few people however still ask, how could Censor Board allow such a frontal nudity even though the scene is crucial, logical and heart-touching? That’s a different story anyway.