Kangana Ranaut’s sister attacks with tweet


Kangana-Ranaut-sisterBold and beautiful Kangana Ranaut doesn”t hesitate to speak out even if it is something related to her personal life. Her legal tussle with Hrithik Roshan which created a huge sensation is now back trending after the actress took on Hrithik during her recent interview.

Kangana Ranaut revealed about the struggle, sleepless nights and how much she has been shattered after many of her personal emails have been made public. However some of them came supporting Hrithik Roshan asking Kangana Ranaut to speak about her films rather than about many unwanted topics. Top news dailies suggested Kangana Ranaut to promote her films and this time it is her sister Rangoli Chandel who took twitter to slam the media.

Targetting a section of media, Rangoli revealed that they have been paid cheques because of which Kangana is being attacked. “I am proud of my sister and she comes with a fitting reply 100 times if one asks her” said Rangoli Chandel.