Kangana’s Adventure For Krrish


Kangana-Adventure-For-KrrisDirector Krrish received critical acclaim for his historical film Gautami Putra Satakarni last year. Now, the director is busy doing another historical venture ManiKarnika starring Bollywood diva Kangana Ranaut. The shooting of the movie is currently going on in Bikineir. The team has recently completed the Jodhpur and Hyderabad schedules. Kangana also bruised her nose while practicing sword fight but this dedicated actress continued shooting without any hesitation which made her a hot topic in Bollywood. Now, this beauty is doing another adventure in Bikineir as well.

The temperature of Bikineir fell down and the village is hit by a big storm. Even the sunlight is also not falling properly in that area. But the actress have already planned her call sheets perfectly. Their phones are also not getting signals. The entire team is living without having any contacts to the outside world. But Krish and team are not at all scared. The schedule went on for 60 days. But shooting back to back for 30 days ruined Kangana’s health. When suggested to take a break she is simply laughing it off and stating that they have to make the release in summer at any cost.

This prestigious project is penned by Vijayendra Prasad. The movie will also get dubbed in Telugu and Tamil languages. As the title suggests, the film is based on Jhansi Lakshmi Bai. It seems like the movie is going to break the records set by Bhansali’s Padmaavat. Let’s see..