Is Karan Johar After Mahesh Babu Spyder?


Karan-Johar-After-Mahesh-BaAs many top celebrities opined that Baahubali is a game changer in Indian cinema, it is turning out to be a real game changer.  If we only talk about Telugu cinema, the market has increased.. and Bollywood filmmakers are after Telugu films now.

It is known that Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar and Baahubali team have mutually benefited from their association.  As Baahubali franchise got the enough national media attention and wider reach to achieve historical success at the box office, Karan Johar minted money on the Baahubali 1 & 2 without spending a penny from his pocket.   As Karan Johar tasted huge success with Baahubali, there is a talk that he is focusing on upcoming Tollywood biggies.. and one of them is Mahesh Babu- AR Murugadoss film ‘Spyder’.

As ‘Spyder’ teaser received superb response from all over India, Karan is said to be thinking of a grand release in Hindi.  Discussions are going on between Karan Johar and ‘Spyder’ team as per the buzz.  If Karan associated with ‘Spyder’, it is going to be mutually beneficial partnership again.  Forget about Karan’s profits, Mahesh will surely create sensation in Hindi with his handsome looks and performance.