Karan’s Comments On Rajamouli


Karan-Johar-RajamouliSS Rajamouli is the man of the moment right now.  As ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’ opened to a positive talk, it is clearly evident that the movie is going to be India’s biggest blockbuster for sure.   Meanwhile everybody is hailing Rajamouli for his dream, determination to make this kind of visual wonder by dedicating five long years for the project.  Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar’s recent comments about Rajamouli became a hot topic in the social media.

He posted a selfie with Rajamouli and tweeted that “With the movie man of the decade!!!! @ssrajamouli …it’s an honour to collaborate with his genius!! Truly the BEST director of our time!”.   It is indeed a great compliment from a filmmaker like Karan Johar.  If we consider the scale of ‘Baahubali-2’ success he is undoubtely The Best director of India.

But some netizens are opining that there are directors like Raj Kumar Hirani, whose films are not only commercial blockbusters but they will have strong content.  Similarlty Tamil director Shankar’s achievements can not be undermined.   As North India critics are showering praises on Rajamouli and suggesting Bollywood filmmakers to learn from him.. these suggetions became an embarassment for some Bollywood filmmakers.

Whatever be the case, Karan’s compliments about Rajamouli are not at all exaggarated.  When we look at the whole picture,  Rajamouli has lifted the standards of Indian cinema.  He set a benchmark for other directors.  In that sense Karan’s compliments are completely justified.