Kareena Kapoor-Emraan Hashmi Shocking Sex Scene


kareena-kapoor-hotIt is very common to see heroines not getting into acting after they get married. Even if they do, they will be seen in character or senior roles. But in Bollywood, even the married ladies are being preferred to do leading lady roles. Even that is okay but what causes surprise is when these ladies indulge in lovemaking scenes.

Something like that is now happening with Kareena Kapoor. It is heard that she is going to do a film with Emraan Hashmi who is famous for his lip locks and lovemaking scenes. Sources say this was the idea of producer Ekta Kapoor and she took her time to convince Kareena to say yes.

According to the unit members, it is heard that the sex scene is going to be very shocking and it is going to create ripples in the film industry. And with someone like Kareena involving in that, the expectations and shock value has become higher. Only the film’s release will relieve everyone of their tensions.