Kareena Kapoor’s interesting lines !


Kareena-KapoorKareena Kapoor not just steal everyone’s hearts with her glamour and her sexy appeal. She also spills philosophical lines during various interviews. Here are few such lines made by the actress during interview.

1. There can’t be an other Kareena

She said this statement during an interview and explained that everyone should have their own unique personality. She also said only that uniqueness will make everyone so special.

2. To win or lose is my problem

This statement was made by Kareena when she was in rage when a media person buzzed her that whether she feels for missing some big movies in her career.  She simply said winning or losing is my problem.

3. I am a little mad even in day to day life

Kareena was buzzed with question regarding the madness in her roles from movies like ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’ and ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’. She said she loved the extrovert, chirpy characters as she was mad in her real life too.

4. Saif needs a support from someone to keep him on ground

Kareena said that Saif needs someone to keep him grounded. They like each other’s company and it’s very important for partners to enjoy each other’s company more than physical relationship.

5. I get paid pretty well

Most celebrities will never accept when it comes to wages. But Kareena frankly said she gets paid well and she has no problem in exposing skin on screen. At the same time she admitted she can’t do movies like ‘The Dirty Picture’.