Karthikeya-2 To Start This Year


Nikhil Siddhartha’s Karthikeya became a good hit. After Swamy Ra..Ra.. it gave him a huge boost among young audiences that he is the person to look forward to, for different and refreshing cinema.

He is maintaining that image by working in new stories and scripts. His Kirrak Party is getting ready for release on 16th of March.

The actor talked to press about the film and his next films to. He shared that Kanithan remake, his next, is actually not a remake but a different story with the original premise and same director.

He then talked about most awaited, Karthikeya-2 too. He said, “Chandoo and I, were in discussions from a long time about how the movie will pan out, if we wanted to make a sequel for Karthikeya.”

He continued, “Chandoo is really particular in how the sequel to blind on the premise we already built rather than trying to make the name a franchise.

“In a franchise film, we can change story and characters but this is a proper sequel. Swathi, me and other characters from Karthikeya will be seen in the sequel too. We will continue from where we stopped and what happens to these characters is quite interesting in the sequel.

“After Savyasachi, Chandoo will start pre-production and I will join in the discussions. As per the rumours that I am writing the script, I can’t. I am good at publicity and my writers are good at writing. Let me keep it that way only,” said the actor.