Karunas and Ponvannan won for post of Vice-President


Karunas-and-PonvannanNadigar Sangam elections which got every eyes on Kollywood has ended with lots of controversies and drama. The elections finally went in favour of Vishal’s Pandavar ani despite they lagged the initial phase while the postal votes were being counted.

Initially the votes were counted for the top spots and finally it was announced that Vishal, Karthi and Naasar won the elections. But for post of vice-president, the results were withheld.

The counting started once again by 11pm after announcing the top spots. It was Simbhu and Vijayakumar who were leading initially and the first phase was announced that Simbhu was leading by a margin of 112 votes.

However there were no official news regarding the results and finally by midnight 1am they announced that Kaurnas and Ponvannan officially won for the post of Vice President. Actor Karunas got 1362 votes and he won by a huge margin of 255 Votes. At the same time Ponvannan who grabbed 1255 votes won by a margin of 120 votes.