Kathi Mahesh Poses 6 Questions To Poonam Kaur About Her Relationship With Pawan Kalyan


Pawan-and-Kathi-MaheshAmidst tensions at Press Club, film critic Kathi Mahesh once again attacked power star Pawan Kalyan saying he is forced to speak on the actor’s personal issues as his fans are resorting to personal criticism against him.

This time Kathi criticized Pawan Kalyan from a different angle. Questioning the legitimacy of his relationship with actress Poonam Kaur, who came in support of the actor, Kathi posed six questions to the actress about her relationship with her mentor. Here are the questions that Kathi posed to Poonam Kaur:

  • Who helped you get the position of Brand Ambassador?
  • Why did you get pujas done at Tirumala along with Pawan Kalyan on his Gothra?
  • Is it not true that you attempted to commit suicide accusing Pawan Kalyan of cheating you?
  • Did Pawan Kalyan keep his promise made to your mother about you?
  • Why are you so angry with Trivikram Srinivas?
  • What did you do at a Tantrik ritual performed in the presence of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram Srinivas?

Meanwhile, police took dozens of Pawan Kalyan’s fans who gathered at Press Club during Kathi’s press conference. The critic was still sitting in the Press Club with heavy police protection outside.

As Kathi’s supporters also reached the venue in huge numbers, tension prevailed at the Press Club and police are trying hard to bring the situation under control.