Kathi Mahesh Reaction To Hyper Aadi’s Satire


Kathi-Mahesh-Reaction-To-HyJabardasth has been continuing as one of the most popular TV Shows since the day it was launched despite criticism over adult jokes.

In a recent episode, Hyper Aadi has thrown a hard-hitting satire on Kathi Mahesh – ‘Pelli Anedhi Manam Cinema Thesinantha Kastam, Kani Prema Matram�€�Mundu Potta Vesukoni, Venuka Batta Vesukoni Review Lu Rasinantha Easy’.

Responding on the satire, Kathi Mahesh questioned, ‘Does all the humans look in the same manner? While some will be tall, others will be short…I will be in my style’.

The Film Critic claimed he doesn’t watch ‘Jabardasth’ except for the links forwarded by his friends. ‘I don’t think Jabardash is a show which delivers great comedy though it’s successful. Unfortunately, People are enjoying the degrading comments,’ he opined.

Expect few more punchlines from Hyper Aadi after this kind of response from Kathi Mahesh. It’s more a like a war between Pawan Fan & Pawan’s Hater!