Kattappa relieved after Sheena Bora mystery


Kattappa-Sheena-Bora-myster“Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?” was the question that was doing the rounds on the internet. With different people coming up with their own different theories behind Kattappa killing Baahubali, the netizens were kept curious for quite some time.

Just as the curiosity was fading out a little, the internet was flooded with news on “Sheena Bora murder case”. The updates on the case once again filled curiosity amongst the netizens with many questions like ‘Who killed Sheena?’ ‘Why was Sheena killed?’ etc.

From gossip enthusiasts to the controversial director Ram Gopal Verma, everyone on the internet seems to be curious about the issue and all the posts related to the case are spreading like wildfire on social platforms like twitter, Facebook and WhatsAppRGV-on-SheenaMahi-on-Sheena