Kaushal Army – THE GREATEST!


During the course of Bigg Boss 2, Kaushal Army is one thing which made headlines on a consistent basis. This Organization has become so powerful to an extent that fate of several contestants have been decided by it. Kaushal Army had actually dictated terms to Bigg Boss Management more than once during Season 2. They had even prompted Host Nani to shift from attacking to protective zone.

One Man who is responsible for all these crazy stuff is none other than Kaushal Manda. No other Contestant in the history of Bigg Boss managed to attain either such huge support or loyal fan base. Lets not get into the details such as which contestant is right & who is wrong here. Kaushal wouldn’t have been in this position Today had if he didn’t do at least few things right. That’s a fact even his haters would accept any day!

Irrespective of who will be Bigg Boss 2 winner, Kaushal Army will be remembered for a very long time. At least, Few Contestants of next editions of Telugu Bigg Boss will take inspiration from it. This is why Kaushal Army is The GREATEST!

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