Kaushal To Become A Hero Soon!


Kaushal-To-Become-A-Hero-SoonKaushal has an ad agency, modeling agency and even a Production house that helped him survive all these years in Industry even though he did not see a huge success as an actor.

The actor has become a huge star now as he can command a huge opening with all the fans he gained from Bigg Boss show.

He is planning a small budget movie that will be crowd funded, that is, many producers giving small percentage amounts that will help them to make the movie and share profits, if it makes according to their contribution.

Kaushal has a huge support and an army of fans. So, one of his close friends gave him the idea to go for a crowd funding rather than going around the film offices.

If he proves his market and also his talent in the movie, he will be able to attract many producers to invest on him. Also, through this process he wants to set up a good pathway for young filmmakers and actors, it seems.

This year, Manu released as a crowd funded movie but it did not impress the audience. We have to wait and see, how will Kaushal go about his film. Siva Balaji tried his best to revive his career post Bigg Boss, but he couldn’t do it successfully. He was the first season winner. It could be different in Kaushal’s case, if he is careful and mindful!

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