Keeravani’s Sons As Daily Labour


MM Keeravani is proved as one of the legendary music composers in Indian film industry. He made his entry when Ilaiyaraaja and Raj-Koti duo is experiencing the stardom. With a unique style in music composition, Keeravani gradually grew in his career. He is one of the renowned musicians in the world now, and with Baahubali, his stardom reached the international level. Recently, he opened up more about his personal life with a media channel. The veteran music director revealed the challenges he faced in the struggle for a survival

Keeravani revealed that he gives importance to Dignity of Labour. Keeravani told that he sent both his sons to a factory on the outskirts of Hyderabad as Daily Labour. Keeravani explained that they were paid 50 rupees for the work they did. He made his children realise that the money they earned is not enough to pay the bill at a coffee shop. He wanted his sons to understand the value of the money.

Recently, when one of his sons Sri Simha showed interest in direction, Keeravani asked him to make trails in direction without using his fame. Sri Simha worked hard for three months and impressed Sukumar with his work. Sukumar appointed him as an assistant director for Rangasthalam. Keeravani explained this to reveal his perspective on Parenting. It is good to see Keeravani trying to bring up his children with values.