Keshava Nailed It With New Poster


Everybody is gripped with Baahubali fever for the past few days.  Nobody is in a mood to talk about other films.  In such a situation, ‘Keshava’ team has released a new poster without much fanfare.  Nikhil is hugging heroine Ritu Varma in this poster.  If we see casually, we tend to think that it is like any other poster.  So, there is no buzz on this poster in the social media also.  Even audience felt that this is an ordinary poster when we compare with other ‘Keshava’ posters.

But we will not understand the specialty of the poster unless we keenly observe it.  Some code language is visible in the poster which shows the concept of the film.  It is known that ‘Keshava’ is a revenge drama.  An young man with a unique disease.. taking revenge over the villains by killing them with perfect planning.. by overcoming his physical illness.  The makers have shown the young man’s planning in the poster.   How the hero devices a plan to kill the enemies.. when to move..where to go.. what to do.. all these things will be in the plan which appears in the backgound of the poster.

If we keenly observe the poster we will understand the the intensity of the poster.  This is an example that how much care Sudheer Varma took in making the film.  ‘Keshava’ post production is almost complte and producer Abhishek Nama is planning to release the fim on may 12.Keshava poster