KGF Stands Tall Ahead Of All The Competition


KGF released on 21st December along with four other big films all over India. It fought with SRK’s Zero, Dhanush’s Maari 2, Padi Padi Leche Manasu, Anthariksham.

Maari 2 has no traces left in Telugu while it is surviving in Tamil due to Dhanush. Padi Padi Leche Manasu almost ended its run and Anthariksham also seems to have no legs at box office.

28th December releases have no effect on any film’s outcome and KGF seems to be milking this situation well. Those who don’t have big plans to travel for New Year’s Eve, are planning to watch KGF.

In Karnataka movie is a sensation and it crossed Baahubali records as per Kannada Box Office experts.

In Hindi, it is going strong in mass belts as Zero failed and Simmba will have affect on KGF, for sure. In Telugu states, KGF collected 9.65 crores gross and 5.25 crores share till now.

The theaters for the film have increased along with Hushaaru, which became a surprise sleeper hit of 2018, in TFI.

KGF collected half a million in USA, a first for a Kannada film and globally it is heading towards Rs. 150 crores gross collection with Gulf markets to open soon.

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