KGF Trailer: Revolt In Gold Fields!


Kannada Hero Yash-starrer ‘KGF’ directed by Prasanth Neil is surprisingly beyond the expectations. A Kannada Film of that scale is unheard so far. Varaahi Chalana Chitra owned by Sai Korrapati releases this biggie in Telugu. Trailers of Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Hindi versions have been unveiled Today.

Theatrical Trailer of ‘KGF’ is very impressive. Historical Backdrop, Hero Yash’s Makeover, Lavish Production Values, Mind-Blowing Cinematography and Soul-Stirring Music are the strengths of ‘KGF’. This film is based on the incidents happened in Kolar Gold Mines in the year 1970. Yash appears as the one fighting against the slavery in the mines.

The whole set-up seems to be inspired from Sylvester Stallone’s First Blood. ‘KGF’ isn’t a regular commercial movie. Dialogues are clap-worthy: ‘Velamandhi Nee Venaka Unte Yuddham Gelusthav…Nuvvu Unnavanna Dhairyam Tho Velamandhi Unte Prapanchanne Jayisthav’.

Considering the usage of ‘Chapter 1’, Makers seems to be having plans to release few more parts in future. ‘KGF’ is all set for December 21st release!

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