Khaidi closer to Srimanthudu


Khaidi-closer-to-SrimanthudMegastar’s Khaidi No.150 is piling up on its Rs 80Cr+ share and is inching closer to dethrone Srimanthudu (Rs 85 Cr worldwide share in full run) from the 2nd spot in the list of All Time Biggest Commercial hits.

By the end of 10 days of its theatrical run, the Chiru starrer has raked in a worldwide share of close to Rs 84 Cr. A huge Rs 62.77 Cr has come from the Telugu states alone.

Below is the break-up of Share:

Nizam – 15.12cr

Ceded – 12.00cr

Nellore – 2.76cr

Guntur – 6.04cr

Krishna – 4.62cr

West – 5.28cr

East – 6.94cr

Uttharandhra – 10.01cr (Khaidi No.150 surpassed the full run collections of Baahubali in just 9 days and also became the first film to collect Rs 10 Cr share in this region)

10 Days Total in AP & TG – Rs 62.77 Cr

After crossing the USD2M mark, Khaidi No.150 has significantly slowed down in the US but it still is attracting enough crowds to run in good number of theatres. The total now stands at USD2.275M approx.

Khaidi No.150 is expected to go past Srimanthudu’s full run share in a day or two.