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Director VV Vinayak’s Telugu movie Khaidi No 150, featuring megastar Chiranjeevi and Kajal Aggarwal in the lead roles, has received positive reviews from the audience around the world.

2.40 AM : Movie was Over with Good Climax along Social Message. Its a pongal festival to all mega fans

2.37 Am: It’s quite a treat to watch ‘Mega Star’ in such a commercial and social message oriented film. However, the movie has its flaws and they are completely overshadowed by Chiranjeevi’s screen presence. Definitely, a treat for fans of Chiranjeevi!

2.26 Am: Court issues order in favor of Village and we have a ‘Happy Ending’.

02: 23 AM : Farmers Issue Superbly Show Cased Using Media VV VINAYAK’S TAKING

02:13 AM : Time For a Comedy Fight…. Fights madyalo chiru comedy, Mannersims Extraordinary Goosebumps… Vintage Chiru is Back

02:05 AM : Last song was Superb. Shekar master guest appearance. Ammadu lets kummudu.. full of sounds with whistles.

2:00 AM: One of the best ever action scenes. Here comes the most awaited COIN FIGHT sequence. This will go down the history for sure!

01:56 AM : Interesting Court scene about Farmers. nagababu as judge.

01: 53 AM : ఆహ్ నవ్వే వాళ్లకు చెప్పు ఏడ్చే రోజు వస్తుంది అని….#bossisback #KhaidiNo150  course confrontation scenes excellent

01:47 Am: Some emotions scene all around. He gets a sign on documents and goes to the MNC. Time for climax heavy duty action scene.

01:45 AM :Some sentiments Scenes are On #NeeruNeeru Song In between on farmers problems.

01: 27 AM : Time for 2nd Half VV Vinayak Elivation GOOSE BUMPS!

01:16 AM : Now its time for Interval. First Half Good as like Katti.

01:14 AM : Lions Club Scene on Farmers Hope…Nazar Entry

01:07 AM : It’s Time for 3rd song. Superb locations.

01:02 AM : Villain Entry, Land Issues. 25 Crores Offer to Chiru Expressions

1:00 AM : Comedy Scenes Between Ali and Brahmanandam.

12:55 AM: Brahmanandam Entry hilarious.
12:45 AM : Chiru makes a plan and he changes with innocent chiranjeevi. So that cops might arrest the inncocent chiru then original thief chiru wil be free.

12:40 AM : After Kajal Entry. Its time for second Song.. Sannajaji BGM Adurs…Shoe lace steps good.

12:35 AM : 2nd Chiru Entry Starts in Hospital.. named as K. Shankar

12:33 AM : Rattalu Song Starts. Boss Steps super

12:32 AM : Chiru meets kajal in airport and fell in love. Romance seens starts. Chiru meets his look alike and some goons shoot him and he is admitted to the hospital by thief chiru.

12: 30 AM : Chiru escapes from jail and went to his friend Ali’s work place and asked to prepare fake passports to fly out of india.
12: 25 AM : Chiranjeevi Said to police that guess how he would have escapes from jail. In this Between time Chiru Escapes.

12:25 AM : Chiranjeevi Escapes From jail many times. Police worries about to catch him. Blueprint scene. Chiranjeevi visualizes the Jail with the blueprint. DSP has done a good job with background score.

12:07 AM : Chiranjeevi entry with Jail Break Sequence. Chiru Left from jail and police chases him.

12:05 : Movie Run Time 2hours 27 minutes.
12:04 AM : Khaidi No 150 Movie Premier Shows Have started in UAE & USA Theaters