Khaidi Theatres Getting Empty After Kummudu!


Khaidi-song-stillThere used to be those good old days when theatres witnessed repeat audiences but this trend has changed slowly with changing times. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Khaidi No.150 however looks to have brought back not just Boss but also his potential of commanding repeat audiences.

When Chiru was at his prime, people used to watch his movies repeatedly thanks to those chartbuster songs and the legend’s graceful dances. Even his flop movies used to attract audiences just because of the songs. People used to leave theatres once all songs were over.

Now, a similar trend is being witnessed in the case of his comeback movie Khaidi No.150. Exhibitors from several areas have reported that repeat audiences are not waiting until the climax and are leaving once the last song, ‘Ammadu lets do Kummudu’ song that comes right before the pre-climax gets over. Interestingly, makers strategically placed the best song, Ammadu, which also has Charan rocking dance floor along with Chiru, at the far end of the film.

It may be noted here that Konidela Productions Company has systematically infused the album into audiences by releasing the lyrical songs one by one. They however have not yet released the visual songs even two weeks after the film’s release. They know very well that songs are the main attraction in megastar’s movies so they made it sure that people come to cinemas if they have to watch Chiru’s impeccable dances.

The same old formula of ‘Songs’ is said to be helping Chiru’s comeback film rake in steady collections despite average talk.