Kick 2 Clocks Record Day 1 Collections


Kick-2-advance-bookingEven though the film was released after a long delay, Kick 2 had so many positives going for it. Firstly, the film is the second outing in the successful Kick franchise. Secondly, the film’s core team, Ravi Teja, director Surender Reddy and producer Kalyan Ram, joined hands after tasting huge blockbusters with their last films. And finally, the support of Nandamuri fans also ensured the film get heavy openings across the world.

Living up to all its hype, Kick 2 collected nearly 7.5 crore share on its opening day, highest ever number in Ravi Teja’s career. The film has erased all the previous day one records in almost all the centers, a first ever feat by Ravi Teja. Kick 2 is particularly doing well in the Ceded region, thanks to the support from Nandamuri loyal fans.

Kick 2 is also the biggest ever release for a Ravi Teja film, as it released in more than 1150 screens allover the globe. On the opening day, Kick 2 got mixed reviews from critics, but positive word of mouth and no high budget mass comedy entertainer in competition acted as a huge bonus in B and C centres. With the weekend advantage and a decent advance bookings for the coming week, Kick 2 is sure to rake in more moolah.